What is eCommerce? How is it different from online shopping?

Online shopping and eCommerce are two different business models. However, most people find it a difficult task to understand the differences that exist between them. That’s where we thought of compiling this article. From the article, we will let you know about the prominent differences that exist between eCommerce and online shopping.

What is eCommerce?

ECommerce, which is also known as electronic commerce is a platform which can deliver a variety of services to the customers. It is not all about selling products, in return for money. Instead, electronic Commerce links with a broader concept. Many other services links with eCommerce.

In here, you need to understand that eCommerce is not all about selling goods. That’s the main difference that you can find in between eCommerce and online shopping. One of the key objectives of eCommerce is to create awareness among people and provide them with information related to emerging trends. In addition to that, information pertaining to a variety of useful topics that people search online is provided through eCommerce.

ECommerce platforms

It is possible for businesses in today’s world to go ahead and get their electronic Commerce platforms. In fact, getting such eCommerce platforms has become a trend among businesses out there as well. When you get the eCommerce platforms, you will be able to enhance the visibility of your brand among people. On the other hand, you will get the opportunity to improve the sales volumes conveniently. That’s because you will be placing your products and services available online for sale.

The electronic Commerce platforms have given life to a variety of digital marketing strategies as well. People in today’s world prefer to purchase what they want online. On the other hand, they tend to spend a considerable amount of time on the internet as well. Hence, digital marketing is the best method available to influence them and get them to purchase what they want. This has reinvented the way how businesses engage with their marketing campaigns as well.


There are many different aspects of eCommerce as well. Let’s deep dive and take a look at some of the most prominent aspects out of them.

1. Email marketing

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is one of the key aspects that you can discover in eCommerce. When you take a look at digital marketing, you will be able to discover email marketing plays a significant role. Email marketing is all about sending out promotional emails to potential customers. Businesses offer the products and services that they have through emails to send. Businesses are also in a position to promote their newest products and services in the form of newsletters.

2. Inventory management

You can also discover inventory management systems playing a dominant role behind the functionality of eCommerce stores. Even with online eCommerce stores, it is important to manage inventory efficiently. This can help people to overcome hassle and frustration that they will end up not being able to cater to the customer requirements. The inventory management system facilitates electronically, and it helps the eCommerce business to make sure that all customer demands caterers efficiently. The inventory management system also contributes to an increase in business profits.

3. Content management system

While managing an eCommerce business, there comes the need to manage lots of graphical content as well. A content management system comes into play in such a situation. It is possible to manage all the graphical content from a centralized database through the content management system. Then it is possible to present the offerings of the eCommerce business to customers in a visually appealing manner as well.

4. Other online tools

Apart from what we discussed above, you can find many other online tools as well. These online tools are helping people to make their lives easy at the time of working on managing the eCommerce business. For example, there are systems, which focus on managing the workforce behind a cart solution business. All these online tools are in a position to contribute a lot towards the success of the electronic Commerce business in the long run.

ECommerce can also be divided into two main areas. They include Business to Business eCommerce and Business to Consumer eCommerce. In most of the instances, eCommerce takes place in between Business to Business. This includes common business to business transactions, such as the purchase of required supplies. However, the overall process is automated to deliver enhanced convenience to people who are working with it. In order to maintain efficiency, these processes automate while harnessing the power of technology. This can also provide great overall assistance to the people with tracking their supply levels. Along with that, it is possible to place the orders automatically, when the supply of a specific product drops below a pre-defined threshold level.

What is online shopping?

Online shopping is a simple concept, and it restricts when it compares to the broad subject area that you can find in eCommerce. Online shopping is a sub-section of electronic Commerce, which is limited to the transactions of products, which are available on the internet. It is concerned about the exchange of money as well. In other words, online shopping is limited to selling, without offering useful information to what a customer is looking for.

Now you have a clear understanding of the differences that exist between eCommerce and online shopping. While keeping that in mind, you should do your transactions. Then you will be able to get the most out of transnational activities that you perform online as well.

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