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Promote your businesses in various locations from one-simple-platform. Simplify Google’s Google My Business service.

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Multiple Accounts

Maintain your business to multiple locations.Maintain multiple business profiles. Switch between them with one click.


Review Management

Reply to a review automatically. Unlimited keyword based automatic replies, default replies as well as generic replies to reviews.


Multiple Locations

Manage Multiple Locations. Switch between business profiles with one click. Manage business page and my business controls.


Post Campaign

Create & schedule multiple types of posts for your Google Business page. Write a single post to different locations.


Track & analyze your business page users. Use profile view insights to track your business popularity and potential customers.

Question and Answers

Interact with your customers via questions & answers. Write answers for any questions from a single interface.


Amazing Dashboard

Monthly/Weekly/Daily Statistics

Monthly/Weekly/Daily Statistics In the SocialBot Dashboard, Client can see their Monthly/Weekly/Daily wise Statistics. Also Can see how many interactions happened on the day.

Graphical Analytics

Graphical Analytics In SocialBot Dashboard Graphical Statistics of last month interacted subscribers will be shown on the dashboard.

Overview of Features

Dashboard can be called an information management tool that helps the user to capture, track, analyze and visualize the performance of the SocialBot feature usage.

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Happy Customers


Messages / Reviewes Managed

Post Campaigns


A single interface to create posts. Manage several types of posts. Schedule posts for the future. Post to multiple locations. Write a post that can represent an event.

Call-To-Action Posts

Maintain varieties of CTA posts. Get your customers to your products from google search page. Convert them to buy your products. Manage & display coupon codes.

Manual Review Reply

Reply Automation

Reply automatically using smart replies or manually

Keyword Based Reply

Set up a keyword-based replies and dark post replies. Let your team manage the business page effectively


Automatic Review Reply


Reply to a review automatically. Use Custom star based automatic replies to reviews. Star based review reports.


Unlimited keyword based automatic replies. Default review reply for no keyword match.

Question and Answer

Quick Answers

Single platform to answer customer’s questions. Interact with your customers via questions & answers.

Team Panel

Write answers for any questions from a single interface. Your team can also answers to a questions.


Location and Post Insights

Multi Business

Observe growth and state of business. Location and post insights with graphical analysis.

Multi Location

Multiple business & multi location management. Switch between businesses with one click.

Know Your Customers

Perfectly-timed surveys allow your customers to privately express how they feel in 30 seconds.

Improve Retention

Instant alerts give your employees a chance to turn dissatisfied customers around before it’s too late.

Prioritize Decisions

Real-time instant insights you need to make business improvements at every level in your organization.

Stand Out in Search

Stand out in search results and win more 5-star reviews and recommendations across sites like Google and Facebook.

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