Launch a successful online business during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the national, as well as the global economy, to a standstill. With few barely venturing outside, sales of goods have fallen, manufacturing units have stopped producing, and stocks of companies are rapidly falling. Businesses are struggling and new forms of collaboration are emerging. Only the virtual world has succeeded in surviving the impact of this virus outbreak. Even after the world coming to a standstill the technological aspects were untouched.

This shows how the world is in transition to a digital age and every sector is adapting virtually be it education, IT, finance, healthcare or start-ups. Even the traditional smaller players are eyeing the online scene. Many traditional small markets have taken to online channels to hawk products, conduct online transactions, and even to carry out customer relation-building. The business world is now experiencing the needs of SaaS solutions and platforms. 

The trends noticed in this arena are: 

  • According to research 52% of consumers are avoiding going brick and mortar shopping and rick and mortar shopping and in crowded areas. furthermore, 36% have reported that they will be avoiding this until get the coronavirus vaccine.

Additionally, two-thirds of consumers have increased online shopping because of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Online shopping is slightly more prevalent among high income households during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 71% saying they see more online shopping in their future and 65% of lower income households saying the same.

This pandemic has increased the buyers in developed countries and even in developing countries, in the eCommerce sector and the numbers are expected to rise even further as people are refraining from going out.

Due to the upcoming economic crisis after the COVID-19 pandemic, starting an online venture will have to be planned to use fewer financial resources than before by using affordable technologies and smarter systems by using the SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms.

These businesses need a platform which is simple, intuitive, efficient and most importantly, doesn’t drain their bank. However, most of the options out there are not only exorbitantly priced but have a steep learning curve and come with several different complications like external commissions, complicated policies and draining pay-outs.

Introducing ZapSeller 

ZapSeller is a scalable E-commerce platform which is simple, intuitive & robust, and helps you take your business online in an efficient and affordable manner? ZapSeller is designed to be utilised by even those who don’t possess any technical knowledge and wish to own a store online. It’s simple yet effective in catering to all your business requirements ranging from your website, store building, marketing, store management, POS, shipments and sales reports  analysis. With numerous features built directly into the platform, businesses can launch, operate and grow their stores with ease and proficiency.  ZapSeller provides a fresh and modern approach to improvise even those businesses which are already online.

Whether it’s a website, an e-commerce platform, or a combination of both, taking your business online with ZapSeller will reap major benefits to your business.

Here’s how to create your own online store: – 

1. Sign up on ZapSeller Get started by registering on the ZapSeller platform here.

2. Choose a domain name Setup a domain name of your choice. The domain name you set will be the link for your new online store.

3. Login to your store Login to your store by entering relevant credentials on the ZapSeller website.

4. Decide the theme and look of your store Themes and designs are crucial for the impression of your store.

5. Add products to your store What you wish to sell on your online store is called product. For starting a store, you should add products for sale, so a customer has the option to see what products are offered.

6. Customise shipping settings. You can offer free shipping with orders above a certain value, integrate with various shipment companies for delivery purposes; charge a flat rate or offer real time shipping rates.

7. Set up tax rates As a business that sells goods or services, you have to collect taxes to send to the government each time someone orders from your store.

8. Setting up payment gateways Next up is deciding how your store will accept payments and the way you as a store owner will get paid. Add a payment gateway to help you facilitate the payment related processes.

9. Using analytics and reports to make decisions It is important to get insights into the number of people reached, understand where the traffic on your eCommerce store is coming from, etc. Based on these insights, you can plan your marketing strategies for the future.

Features provided by ZapSeller to develop your eCommerce store:

1. Shopping Cart Software 

2. Shop POS (Point of Sale) 

3. Multi-factor authentication 

4. Multi-vendor Marketplace 

5. Shop and Product SEO 

6. Themes and Designs

7. Access Control Level 

8. Reports and Analysis 

9. Promotions and Discounts 

10. Multi-channel Inventory Management

11. Multi-currency and Multi-language Support

Why should you trust ZapSeller over any other eCommerce platform?

  • Affordable for all types of business 
  • Practical integrations to help you at every process 
  • Scalable and flexible  
  • Ease of use even for those who possess no technical knowledge 
  • Automated processes to minimise time investment 
  • Zero transaction fees 
  • Unlimited hosting even for heavy traffic 
  • Security and safety of your store from fraudsters  
  • Expert assistance  
  • Customisable stores according to you 
  • Round the clock support 

The COVID-19 virus outbreak has changed the way of doing business. Shoppers are now turning to online medium for their requirements which is why it is a perfect time to take your business online. With ZapSeller you can setup your own online store in minutes and improve the traditional approach of making sales. Increased profits, better brand reputation, effective marketing and detailed reports & analysis without draining your pocket is a promise delivered by ZapSeller. Partner with ZapSeller to launch a successful online business even during the time of pandemic; it’s easy, reliable and affordable.

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