How to attract sellers for my multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace?

Have you ever wondered how sellers choose their ecommerce marketplace? While it is easy to open an account in multiple places, there are finally few marketplaces which provide the best of footfalls and provide the value proposition that the seller is looking for. There can be various ways in which you can try and gauge the value a particular seller is looking at. To attract maximum buyers, you need to have quality sellers. Choosing the right mix of sellers is important for your platform and attracting them and convincing them to stay on your platform is equally important.

Reach and Growth of eCommerce Marketplace

This simple graph shows the increase in reach of the ecommerce marketplace among buyers with monumental growth. This has been the biggest reason why you should try to not just survive but be continuously in touch with the pulse of your sellers. The number of ecommerce marketplaces has grown exponentially and the trick to become a preferred marketplace by sellers is to understand their pain points.

Addressing the Pain Points of E-sellers

E-sellers are looking for a marketplace partner who can ease their burden and not add to it. So, to become a partner to ease their issues the common ones being as follows-

Ease their Business

Once your sellers are easy and comfortable to enlist with you, creating conversions of social media and digital engagements is the key which will finally ensure you remain the favourite ecommerce place for vendors. Growing at a CAGR of 21.2%, ecommerce marketplace logistics will cross $536 billion by 2022. Be perfectly poised to keep track of your vendors grievances, legal hassles and logistics issues by keeping them in the loop through a vendor association.

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