Get your eCommerce store ready for holiday season

The holiday season is closely approaching. Are you ready with your merchandise sales strategy? This is the right time for you as an eCommerce trader to update your sales management, or maybe just reviewing stock data and promotional activities to increase traffic and abundant sales from your eCommerce store. As for the main reason for shoppers or retailers to start preparing for their holidays that occur throughout the year, there are even many events that occur during the whole year such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday where sellers continue to offer various kinds of products needed by consumers. Essentially, eCommerce store owners must be ready with a line of products with attractive offers, even promotional activities that are carried out early to meet consumer demand. In other words, eCommerce store owners must prepare at least three months ahead for bountiful profits.

To get your online store ready with high traffic and sales, here are some smart ways to get your store ready for the holiday season.

Developing discounted items to increase sales traffic

According to the perspective of consumers, they will hunt for the items they want during holiday shopping with a variety of attractive offers and promotions and for business owners must be sensitive to take this good opportunity to develop a sales strategy and fulfill their holiday sensation. In addition, consumers usually buy items as gifts that occur within a few months of the holiday festive. At this moment, choosing the type of discount, repeat sales, and promotional activities is the perfect time to run your shop for example, such as ‘buy one get one free’, with free shipping support, quick sales with short duration but recurring, special 50% discount through the website, and daily offers. You can even participate in charity activities where some of the profit goes to a charity organization.

However, bear in mind that this kind of sales program can create something that is urgent, with a short and recurring duration, giving an opportunity like you as an online store owner to get sales revenue that runs throughout the holiday season. In addition, make sure consumers get promotional offers easily when the time comes.

However, it should be noted that all promotional activity programs must be integrated with your webstore seasonal email and appear on the main landing page with a prominent appearance so that consumers can easily navigate to the desired page.

Manage your stock inventory

With so many types of transactions that occur during the holiday season, planning is indispensable, by counting the items available in your online store window and finding out how many are still available so you can make the decision to do replenishment so that a golden opportunity to sell even more with great profit. In addition, you must have creative ideas for items that are often purchased by consumers and take positive action on slow-moving items by carrying out attractive promotional activities.

Return policy restructuring

The delivery policy and especially the return of goods are arranged in a flexible manner so that it can benefit consumers. This is especially important during the holiday season sales. Most of the consumers feel worried when they shop online for gifts, one of which is the cost of shipping and returning goods. They hope that shipping and returning goods is not as complicated as they imagine. Retailers and big brand owners should pay attention to offer their loyal customers free and convenient shipping and return options. In order to compete with other online stores, this option is highly recommended, in other words that the shipping and return policies should be a little more lenient even though you as a merchant will bear extra costs for it, but multiple sales will easily happen and your sales traffic will increase significantly. More importantly, this policy must be well communicated to your loyal customers both on your webstore and in several third-party marketplaces.

eCommerce automation

As an eCommerce player, there’s no time to look forward to high sales revenue than the holiday season all year round. For this reason, lots of small jobs like sending email newsletters, printing shipping labels and other jobs require you to move quickly. Therefore, retailers must use an automatic system for these jobs so that it allows you to focus more on selling more. Use a software tool like MailChimp which allows you to send automated marketing emails, or you can also use AI chatbots for automated customer service. By utilizing this tool that is used as a digital assistant, it allows you to lighten your workload while increasing sales that you may never have imagined before.

Migration to an eCommerce platform

If you are not happy with your current eCommerce platform, maybe you should consider migrating to another eCommerce platform such as ZapSeller.com, and this is a very good time to do that, given that consumers want an online shopping experience with web page loading speeds. with a simple check out system, consumers usually don’t want to experience technical site disruptions such as loading images that are imperfect and take a long time.

Generate marketing channels

Do you want to get a lot of traffic and sales this holiday season? You have to spread your webstore promotion as widely as possible; this means that you have to schedule continuous and periodic sales according to what you previously set and you have to prepare good marketing materials, which in essence are divided into two broad categories, namely direct advertising and communicating content. While direct advertising materials must include such as an attractive and straightforward landing page design so that your loyal customers get items with good deals easily, email marketing with user-friendly content offers and include other interesting information, as well as paid advertisements with a visual appearance that displays text and images to generate new customers and attract them to become loyal customers of your online store. Other things that you need to consider such as social media posts, as well as blog content.

Now you completely understand and are aware of how important is the preparation to get your webstore ready for the festive season with abundant traffic and sales.

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