3 Excellent Ways to Glue Customers to your eCommerce Store

Marketing your eCommerce store is a daunting task, especially in times when the consumers are bombarded with advertisements unceasingly. Customers have naturally become repulsive and ad resistant killing sales pages at first sight. With rising competition and repugnant behavior, how do you put your message across? The blog describes three sure-shot ways to get your customers stuck to your eCommerce site like a bee to a honey-comb.

1. Connect with customers

Several factors, other than the product itself, influence the buying decision of your customers. One of them is establishing a connection with your customers through website or customer service. You can make a connection with your customers by patching relevant information all over the site. Think about who is your target audience, what kind of information do your customers seek, and how do you present it attractively. You may even add additional information on the products, exciting trivia, or quizzes to your website to lure customers. Make sure your store stands out from others in a way that it persuades the user to take action quickly

2.Unleash your personality

Just posting relevant content isn’t enough; it has to be engaging. The goal is to reach a point where your customers are so engross in the content that they don’t realize you are selling. The eCommerce store should look like a content site that happens to sell products. If the customers find your content worthwhile, the word will spread eventually. The people will willingly link to your website, and you will receive organic traffic in huge numbers. Initially, it will take time to build your content stack and market it, but once that stage is over, you will start receiving traffic.

3. Don’t stray from the basics


• Grammar check – Mis-spelled words or lousy sentence structure leave a wrong impression on the readers. To build a strong relationship with your audience, you need to communicate your message correctly without any silly typos. Anything that looks, feels, or smells like a sales page is likely to be discarded. (Notice your behavior as you browse through sales content) Therefore, be as natural as possible when posting content and keep striving to reach the goal.


• Add information regularly – Keep updating your site with information in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and slideshows. See that your content is fresh and website interesting for people who visit your website consistently. Moreover, refurbishing your portal with new content will make it search engine friendly.


• Site Speed –Customers hate waiting so ensure that your site loads quickly. Ideally, 3-4 seconds is the right timing. According to studies, after every 4 seconds, you lose 10% visitors.

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