Converting Your Browsers into Buyers | Remarketing

With only 2 per cent of internet shoppers completing the sale when they browse an eCommerce site, the importance of eCommerce conversion is becoming a widely popular notion. While there are a wide variety of tactics that we use to promote your website to get the visitors, it is essential to understand how to get those visitors to become paying customers even after they leave your site. One of the tactics commonly used by eCommerce store owners is remarketing.

Today it is simply not enough to have a website and even the best marketing tactics to get customers to your site. The average customer stays on a website for a short time, typically only a few seconds. So, unless you have captured their attention enough in those few seconds, they will move on to other sites. A large number of customers even add products to their cart but never complete the sale. Using the proper tactics like re-marketing to turn those browsers or maybe buyers into buyers is the key to your website’s success.

What is the magic potion that turns browsers into buyers?

Put, it is remarketing. What this means to you is that once we have done our job and got the customers to your website, there needs to be a way to re-market them once they leave, a method for your company to stay at the forefront of their mind as they continue to browse the internet. This is done by having your ads displayed while visitors go to other websites.


There are a variety of ways to have your ads displayed. You can choose to promote the exact product each person was viewing, or you can develop similar products, your company as a whole or anything else that you prefer. As people browse other websites, your ads will be within their view. Whether they are static ads or ads that continuously change, you will always be at the forefront of their mind – reminding customers of your presence.

Remarketing does not have to take place just while customers are shopping; it can occur while they check their email or do various other things on the internet. It does not matter what they are doing at the time, what is essential is that your company and brand name is continuously out there in the forefront of people’s minds. Reminding people of their interest and coaxing them to come back and complete the sale.

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